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SmartLaw is a programme from Young Citizens.

Legal Workshops

Young Citizens offers one-off law-related educational workshops, facilitated by our experienced staff.  These are a chance for legal volunteers from your company to work with groups of students to facilitate discussion and debate on interesting legal and social topics. You can run the workshops with a school you have a partnership with already, or we can match you with a new school.

We offer workshops at your offices on a variety of topics, including:

  • Social Media and the Law: This module looks at the legal aspects of cyberbullying and sexting, and how to stay safe online.
  • EU and the Law: This module introduces students to the relationship between the EU and the law.  This unit covers what students need to understand the basics of the EU, and the current situation of the UK in the EU post-referendum.
  • Mock Trial: This workshop gives students a chance to experience a criminal trial. Our facilitators guide students through the trial procedure before working in smaller teams alongside legal volunteers to prepare roles in depth. The workshop ends with the trial itself in a specially set up mock courtroom.


  • Minimal time commitment
  • Unique skills-development  opportunity
  • Tried and tested programme
  • Off-the-shelf but customisable
  • Develop young people’s understanding of the law
  • Provide students with tools to navigate their way through the legal system

Workshops usually last 2.5 hours and start from £1,300 (plus VAT).

If you would like something longer or bespoke to your interests, just get in touch to discuss different options.


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“We ran this workshop with our Pioneer Programme as it’s so relevant to students today. The workshop was fun and informative for both lawyers and students. The facilitators really made the session fun, meaning students really engaged with the topic. Most students were not aware of the legal implications which can arise from engaging in social media so the session was a real eye opener for them!”

Laura Houston, Corporate Responsibility & Diversity Manager at Bird & Bird LLP

“Absolutely useful information!  Enjoyed the great vibe while learning fundamental law.”

Student, Social Media and the Law Workshop

“I thought the exercise matching the scenario to the offence to the outcome was great. It really got the students thinking and some of the outcomes surprised them (and me) a little.”

Volunteer, Kemp Little, Social Media and the Law Workshop

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