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SmartLaw is a programme from Young Citizens.

Student Workshops: Law

Young Citizens  are excited to announce a unique range of workshops for young people in 2019/2020 academic year!

There are three different workshops which will cover different areas of law and are available for all students, whether they are simply curious or are already set on a career as a lawyer. These are introductory and exploratory sessions were students will be able to gain insight into how the law works in their daily lives as well as in the court room.

Register your interest here.


Campaigning and the Law: Learning from the Youth Climate Movement

What is the Youth Climate Movement? How can society impact the law? What does it take to stand up for something you believe in?

This March, 1.4 million young people across 140 countries, stood up for their future. They organised, marched, advocated for change.
This workshop will unlock the power of collective action and how we can all make our voices heard. It will offer students a chance to interact with key voices in the climate movement from lawyers to campaigners for change while introducing them to issues surrounding the relationship between law and society.

Skills: Negotiation, organisation, campaigning, collaboration

Curriculum links: Geography, Science, English, PHSE, Citizenship, SMSC, Law, Politics

Venue: London & East (University of Hertfordshire), Manchester (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Date: Autumn Term – November (Exact dates TBC)


Criminal Law and Advocacy

What is it like to be a criminal barrister? What happens in criminal courts? How does it feel to be a witness or a defendant in court?

Everyone will come into contact with the criminal justice system at some point in their lives in some capacity. This workshop offers an insight into how the criminal justice system works. It offers students the chance to interact with criminal barristers and lawyers who will help them prepare a case. The session will culminate in the students having a go at a mock trial scenario with their peers in a supportive environment.

Skills: Advocacy, forming an argument, critical thinking, public speaking, confidence building

Curriculum links: English, Law, History, Citizenship, PHSE, Drama

Venue: London & East (University of Hertfordshire), Manchester (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Date: Spring Term – February (Exact dates TBC)


Social Justice: The Law and You

What issues in society are important to you? What does justice mean? Can the law make society more equal?

The law is constantly evolving and is an important tool to effect social change. This workshop will give students the opportunity to explore issues that are important to them from homelessness to knife crime. They will develop arguments and explore what part the law can play in order to bring about social justice.

Skills: Debating, evaluating arguments, public speaking, problem solving, analysis, critical thinking

Curriculum links: Philosophy, English, History, Citizenship, Law, PHSE, Geography, Politics, Sociology

Venue: London & East (University of Hertfordshire), Manchester (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Date: Summer Term – July (Exact dates TBC)


All workshops will be priced at only £20 per student in groups of 5 or 10 students.


Please register here to be sent an early bird discount when applications open in September!


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