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SmartLaw is a programme from Young Citizens.

Virtual Delivery

Given the recent government announcements, we are moving to a full virtual delivery model of our Mock Trial Competitions. This means we are at the stage of planning what a virtual delivery model will look like. Here are the steps we are taking to ensure that the virtual delivery model meets your needs:

  1. Once we receive an application, we will get in touch with you so you can fill out a virtual delivery questionnaire to let us know about your specific school requirements from access to technology, software, as well as safeguarding and physical requirements needed.
  2. This information will allow us to plan a model that works for your specific situation. This may mean that there will be different virtual delivery models dependent on what you tell us.
  3. Once we have planned this model, we will communicate with you and the other schools in your heat with what this means for you specifically. The core of the competition will stay the same, from the cases to the student roles. Any specific changes to the content of the competition will be communicated to you.

This means events this year may not have a location specific heat – you may be able to compete with schools in other local areas. However, the application form still contains locations because this information is useful when we are thinking about any local support we can offer your school.

We know the format will be different to the competition as it normally is. There are challenges to the situation we find ourselves in but the team at Young Citizens are also noticing the huge room for opportunities too in terms of supporting you in ways we have not been able to before. Our number one priority is to make sure as many schools can access the competition this year and they feel supported by us to do so. One of the ways we will do this is by creating a Mock Trials Newsletter which will take you through which stage of your preparation you should be at, any external support we want to highlight and any content we have produced to support you. You will get this every month in your inbox.

If you have any ideas as to how we can support you, please get in touch with us at or at


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