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SmartLaw is a programme from Young Citizens.

Bar Mock Trial Competition (15-18yo) – Crown Courts

Applications for the 2020/21 competition have now closed

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If you are participating in the new format for 2020/21, please ensure you read our FAQ

What is it?

The Bar Mock Trial Competition helps young people understand how the law touches every aspect of their lives, gaining an insight into how the legal justice system works.

Schools will be given access to resources, including specially written criminal cases, to help teams prepare legal arguments. After preparation, your team will take part in a regional heat and go head-to-head with other schools to prosecute and defend the cases. Winning teams will then compete in a National Final.

How will it benefit my students?

For most students it is their first experience of the law. There is no better way to introduce them, than in a fun and engaging experience that stays with them for life.

Students who take part are encouraged to think critically, build arguments and boost their confidence. Through enabling students to interact with legal professionals, the competition helps develop employability skills. The experience will help students develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the role of law and the justice system in our society.

As one young person who took part recently said:

“Taking part in the Bar Mock Trial Competition with my teammates and working together to present a case in front of real judges… was an amazing and unique experience, and something that I will always cherish. I have always been someone that has lacked confidence in myself, and this competition… has really boosted the faith I have in my ability. You will create memories to treasure for a lifetime, just as I have!

Rebecca, student, Runshaw College

What do I need to do?

Our Mock Trial Competitions are designed to be accessible for everyone – you do not need any expertise in the law. Once your school has applied and paid the entrance fee, you will be given all the guidance you need to run the competition in your school.

You can also register your interest to receive our new Running a Mock Trial Classroom Pack for free!

You can find out more by downloading this introduction to the Bar Mock Trial Competition.

Please see our instructional video for help with the application process.


The Bar Mock Trial Competition is kindly supported by The Bar Council of England and WalesThe Faculty of AdvocatesThe Bar of Northern Ireland, HMCTS, the Circuits and the Inns of Court.





See FAQs for quick answers to common questions, see timeline & locations for dates and heat venues, also the competition’s Rules. If you have any questions about our Mock Trial Competitions, email us or call us at 020 7566 4141.

Please see terms and conditions for further details.

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